Selecting a Science Project

Science is all around you.  You find it in your garden, in your house, at your school ... everywhere.  Look around and find something that arouses your interest and makes you ask a question.  Read about scientific things that interest you and make you wonder why.  Do research and try to find out why things are happening a certain way and then you may have some questions.  The whole world is open and waiting for you to explore it. 

If you need some help figuring out a project, go to your parents, your teachers, and scientists you may know.  Go visit places where science is done.  Go to museums.  Go to libraries.  Look up information where ever you might find it.  A word of warning:  the internet is a highly unreliable source of information since anyone can publish anything.  Be careful where you gather information on the internet. 

The more you look, the better your chance that you find something that excites you and makes you want to learn more by experimentation. 

Remember:  your goal with a science project is to find something that you don't know the answer to and that you have to experiment to find the answer.

Science is fun!